Watches are a unique accessory that can complement the image and emphasize the individuality of a person, but most importantly they clearly demonstrate his or her standing. Since ancient times, a person had to have a watch with complex mechanisms to emphasize financial solvency. It was the watch that demonstrated a person’s social standing.

In our century of rapidly developing technologies, watches are used not only to know the exact time but also as an accessory. Lots of them are real works of art. They are created from expensive metals, made in the most unusual forms, have a unique design, and most importantly they can have many functions. A diamond watch is a phenomenon of the watch industry. Lots of companies ascribe the idea of ​​encrusting steel watches with diamonds to themselves, but one thing is certain: almost every brand has taken this road leading to commercial success.

Watches as a Style Indicator

Some companies have been manufacturing diamond and jewelry watches for almost their entire existence history, while others have recently joined this game. The initial motive is that women’s watches with diamonds are sold faster and in larger quantities than the same, but with no stones.

Men are also starting buying watches with diamonds, although male models completely covered with stones are an exception, not the rule. Rappers, hip-hoppers and other celebrities contribute to such fashion appearing with stylish watches in music videos, on the covers of music and fashion magazines. Famous beauties choose a watch for the image. Small diamond watches are perfect for red carpets, while large watches are chosen for an everyday look.

Everyone pays attention to what kind of watch a person wears on the red carpet, at a business meeting, formal party, during an interview, especially if he or she is a well-known politician, businessperson, a popular celeb, etc.

What Celebs Choose

Celebrities wear watches of different brands. A watch is an indicator of style, a profitable investment, an essential detail in creating a successful, wealthy person image. While some become the face of a particular watch house, such as Leonardo DiCaprio has become the Tag Heuer face, others replenish their collection with exclusive models for pleasure.

Celine Dion has demonstrated a jewelry watch from Piaget, a company known for the unique handcrafted watch. The singer is sure the world of classics, the atmosphere of elegance and aesthetic reality are too symbolic for her because she has discovered such an ampoule after taking part in the legendary movie.

Cindy Crawford prefers proven classics: Omega watches in solid gold the dial of which is decorated with real diamonds. American model and businesswoman Kylie Jenner is also a fan of stylish and expensive accessories. The girl was spotted in a Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Pave 38mm and Rolex Day-Date watch decorated with 42 diamonds several times.

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