It is recommended to buy a travel multicooker, a kitchen appliance that can replace several devices that are useful in everyday life for those who like traveling and changing their place of residence. Its fundamental difference from other multicookers is durability and compactness with an optimal set of functions.

There are travel multicookers including bread machine functions; it makes it possible to bake bread in any condition. There are multicookers with the yogurt maker functions; they are indispensable for families with children. There are even ones able to grill meat and deep-fry it. The main thing when choosing a multicooker is to sort out priorities properly.

What Is Modern Multicooker Like

A modern multicooker helps to cook from any products and in various ways: stew, fry, bake, steam, etc. It is equipped with program control which allows cooking in automatic and semi-automatic modes. A multicooker where the food is cooked under increased pressure replaces the traditional kitchen pressure cooker. Perhaps the only things that may be inconvenient to cook in it are pancakes and other dishes that require quick turning over with a spatula: the high sides of the bowl are not suitable for this.

The design of almost all modern multicookers is identical: a bowl is placed in a plastic or metal heat-insulating case where the food is cooked. The lid is hermetically sealed and has a steam release valve. There are one or more heating details inside the multicooker which provide temperature heating and maintaining. The whole process is controlled by a temperature sensor (and pressure sensor in case the device supports the pressure cooking mode). The device control unit consists of a display, buttons and a microprocessor module with built-in programs.

What aspects to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Multicooker

Here are some aspects a buyer should pay attention to when choosing a travel multicooker.

  • Durability is an important criterion. A rugged case is best when traveling. It’s suggested to choose a device with a metal body. Plastic cookers may easily break. If you decide to purchase a plastic device, then you should choose high-quality models.
  • Power. Almost all mini multicookers are very economical. It is enough for the device to have a power of 400-500 watts to cook the main dish.
  • The food is warmer. Models with 3D heating are very relevant when traveling: there are heating details from below, above, around the perimeter and even in the lid. Food is such multicookers heats up real quick.
  • Compactness.
  • Protection from children.

Using a multicooker once, you can become a big fan of this appliance, learn how to cook delicious and healthy food with this indispensable assistant everywhere even while traveling.

Last modified: 18/09/2019



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