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Philly Recommendations for #AERA14

ArtMuseum_CroppedBack in January, the American Library Association held its mid-winter conference here in Philadelphia. Because my girlfriend and I are both librarians and both enjoy Philadelphia, we put together several lists of recommendations (mainly food and drink) on our food blog for our friends and colleagues who were coming to town.

With the American Educational Research Association conference less than a week away, I decided to list those posts here for anyone who might be interested:

I hope these posts help you enjoy your time in Philadelphia. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your visit.

Trying Something New: AERA Annual Meeting

I have attended many different library conferences over the years: various American Library Association conferences, several years of attending Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian, a couple of jaunts to the National Media Market, a couple Educauses, and one Association of College & Research Libraries conference.

As I mentioned in my last post, the various obligations I had accrued over the years have wound down and I am looking for different things to get involved with. For financial and personal reasons, I’m looking into things closer to home.

One opportunity that came my way via an education professor friend is the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) which is being held in my hometown of Philadelphia.

Something I rarely bring up is that I am ABST for a Master’s degree in Education (All But Student Teaching). Many years ago, I did the coursework but realized that I did not want to become a classroom teacher, so I moved on. But I’ve always been interested in the conceptual end of educational practices and like to think that that background has been influential in my library career.

Point being that this is a conference I am very interested in.

And it looks like this year’s theme, “The Power of Education Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy,” is particularly applicable. Part of the description reads:

Information is everywhere. How to ensure the veracity of information and evidence, especially in a global knowledge environment, presents a new set of challenges to our education research community. Increasingly, the need for customized learning has been driving the development of new technologies that provide more choices and opportunities for learning.

That certainly could describe many library conferences.

I’ve always advocated for librarians to pay attention to things going on outside of libraryland and this will be an interesting opportunity for me to follow my own advice.

The conference is at the beginning of April and if I really do get back in the blogging habit, I should have something to say about it when it happens.