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Tombrarian’s Handy Guide to PLA

Although I will not be attending Public Library Association’s Annual Conference, I am excited that it is being held in my reclaimed hometown. After a four year absence, I have returned and have fallen in love with Philadelphia all over again.

The PLA site has a great list of restaurant recommendations, which includes plenty of places to keep people well-fed during the conference, but I am so enthusiastic about the restaurant scene in Philly that I can’t help but supplement the list with some of my local favorites (listed in distance from the Convention Center).

One note about the PLA list: a couple of the restaurants have since closed, including Ted’s Montana Grill and Le Bec Fin. Horizons also is closed and the owners have opened Vedge, which I haven’t been to, but it is a vegan restaurant getting rave reviews.

In Reading Terminal Market (.1 mi):

Within a mile:

Within 1 to 2 miles:

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask either in the comments or via email.

Computers in Libraries 2008 Schedule

Two weeks from tomorrow, I leave for glorious Crystal City, VA for Computers in Libraries 2008. I posted my tentative schedule on the CiL wiki. I will be presenting about learning commons on Monday afternoon, my 2nd time presenting at CiL. I always look forward to the great presentations at CiL, but this year, I am particularly excited about Steven Cohen’s track on Monday. I won’t be able to go to all of it because I present on Monday as well, but I should get to the morning sessions. I’m also excited that there are two other presentations about innovative spaces, Barbara Tierney’s “The Library Sandbox” and Matt Gullett and Greg Schwartz’s “Libraries as Laboratories for Innovation,” both on Tuesday.

After the conference, I’ll be taking the train (oh, I miss trains) to Philadelphia to visit family, hit some of the Philadelphia Film Festival, and even squeeze in a Phillies game.

Back from Philly

ALA Midwinter was fun, interesting, and productive. I went hoping to find a few things to get involved with and it seems I have. I volunteered to be co-chair of the ACRL Media Discussion Group and was accepted. I also sat in on the ALA Video Round Table Notable Videos for Adults Committee. They are going to have an open spot soon for an academic librarian, and I’ve thrown my hat in the ring, so to speak. Also, I may have found an opportunity to bring my film expertise to the Literatures in English section. So, yes, quite a productive conference. Which means I should be going to Anaheim in June.

While in Philadelphia, I got to visit many of my favorite and some new places:

Also got to see some of my family and friends who I met at other conferences. And snow. Got to see some snow.


Arrived in Philly

Made in to Philly in one piece. One very tired piece. Had to get up very early yesterday morning to catch my flight, but I’m glad I’m here. Got to have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and then came back to the room and crashed.

View from Penn's View HotelPenn’s View Hotel is quite nice. It’s a historic building, so my room has hardwood floors and wood doors. It’s small–I mean really small–but it’s cozy because of all the classy touches. It’s also in a very cool part of town, Old City, and is a decent walk or a short ride on the Market-Frankford line to the Convention Center. Despite being old and cozy, I have free wifi, so I’m happy about that as well.

Spent some time over at the Convention Center this morning. Got my registration all taken care of, so I’m ready for the conference.

Next Stop Philadelphia

I fly out early tomorrow morning for ALA Midwinter. I’m still weighing my options for some of my schedule, but the following seems pretty certain.

Friday, Jan 11th

LITA Happy Hour, briefly before dinner with family, to possibly meet up with some of the Library Society of the World folks.

Saturday, Jan 12th

Early visit to exhibits?
10:30 – 12:00 Information Commons Discussion Group
1:30 – 3:30 ACRL Media Resources Discussion Group
6:00 Thompson Scienttific Reception at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Sunday, Jan 13th

All Day: Video Roundtable Notable Videos for Adults
7:00 VRT Dinner

Monday, Jan 14th

8:00 – 10:00 Literature in English All Committees Meeting
1:30 – 3:00 New Rules for Acquisitions