Daily Archives: May 7, 2012

Indefinite Hiatus

I am putting Tombrarian on indefinite hiatus as I reconsider my blogging approach. Recently, I’ve found myself putting more energy into my personal blog, Being and Formulating. In restructuring things, I have created a Facebook Fan Page for following the blog as I will soon discontinuing pushing that blog to Facebook. So, if you are interesting in following either my personal or professional posts, you can like the fan page or subscribe to the blog feed.

At one time, Tombrarian was both a personal and a professional blog before I decided to split my efforts into two blogs back in 2008. I am thinking I want to return to the one blog format and feel that Being and Formulating is the best venue for that.

At one time, Tombrarian was a professional blog with some personal things thrown in and I now envision Being and Formulating becoming a personal blog with some library stuff thrown in. Frankly, the longer I’ve been in this field, the harder it becomes to separate the two lives.

I will never say never when it comes to Tombrarian, but for the foreseable future, I will be putting my efforts into Being and Formulating. But Tombrarian will live on in spirit and you can follow the Being and Formulating fan page or the blog proper.