I’m not exactly sure what to make of Loot. Ostensibly, it is about a treasure hunter who gets in touch with two veterans of World War II, both of whom claim to have buried treasure during their tours of duty and who now want to find their goods. The film opens with a background story of how Lance Larson spent $100,000 in a previous treasure hunting expedition. Both of his new endeavors seem to be doomed to failure as well: one of his clients is nearly blind, the other has lost the map to where he buried rare samurai swords.

However, Loot never feels like a “will they find the treasure” adventure. It seems to have something else going on. The more interesting aspects of the film deal with the memories of the two veterans and some unresolved and somewhat vaguely presented issues between Lance and his son. Even so many years later, the veterans stuggle with the affects of having been in war. Sons of both men died from drug overdoses at the same age as Lance’s troubled son creating an eerie and ominous connection among the men.

The meandering story of the hunt for treasure is eventually taken over by the emotional story of the two veterans coming to terms with their past. Although Loot makes clear that they never find their treasure, it never explicitly addresses this fact, much to its credit.