Notable Videos Update

I am in the midst of my 4th and final year on the Notable Videos for Adults Committee. I had hoped to post brief reviews and notes about some of the films as I have done in previous years, but moving across the country (again) and starting a new job (again) has been a major distraction. I have been able to keep on top of watching films but not posting about them. I still have a couple of months before the viewing deadline, so I hope to be able to get back to posting.

This has been a busy year for the committee. In 2009, we had 46 nominations. We had 42 for 2010 and 55 for the 2011 list. This year, we have 62 nominations, which is great. The more nominations, the stronger the final list in theory.

So far, I have watching 39 of the films and would already have a tough time picking 10-15 of the best. It’s a strong group of films and I can see an argument for most of them being included in a final list. I have created a list to track my progress and scores.

My top ten to date are:

Time will tell if any of these make the final list!