New LITA Interest Group

I often joke that I get more accomplished at conferences at the bar after the sessions are over than I do during the conference. Well, here is a rather clear result that began as a conversation over drinks. Encouraged by the fabulous Lisa Carlucci at a bar in Boston, Bobbi Newman and I, with the support of many of our colleagues, submitted a proposal for a Transliteracy Interest Group within the Library & Information Technology Association. We just received official word that the Interest Group has been approved.

The objective of the Transliteracy Interest Group is to explore, develop and promote the role of libraries in all aspects of literacy including, but not limited to, digital, media, social, computer, and 21st century literacies.

I want to thank all those who supported us in this endeavor and thank the members of LITA who voted to approve this group.

You can find out everything about Libraries and Transliteracy at the L&T blog.